Bread stuck to the bottom of dutch oven - help!

This recipe turned out great, except the bottom stuck to the dutch oven. I had to pull the bread out and leave the wonderful bottom crust behind. Any suggestions on how to make this not stick? I followed the recipe as written - putting it into a cold dutch oven before putting into the oven.

Fog Chef
  • Posted by: Fog Chef
  • December 15, 2019
No-Knead Sourdough Bread
Recipe question for: No-Knead Sourdough Bread


boulangere December 16, 2019
The bread in the photo is sitting on a piece of parchment, though it isn't clear if it is for practical or artistic reasons. Step 7 says: "It’s nice to let the shaped dough rise on a piece of parchment paper or another floured towel, as this will make it easier to move into the pot.)" A piece of parchment would be a good idea, but a towel - even a floured one - would be a terrible idea. Sourdough, as you've discovered, can be notoriously sticky. So, if you're going to flip it over into the pot, be sure it is sitting on parchment, and to also line the pot with another sheet of parchment.
Fog C. December 16, 2019
I will give that a shot - thank you so much!
pivoine April 17, 2020
The issue is that you haven't preheated the Dutch oven before baking. This recipe is unfortunately incomplete. Per Jim Lahey's original recipe and the many variations that have happily since followed, preheat the Dutch oven (with its lid on) in the larger oven. When the oven is fully preheated, carefully transfer the bread dough to the hot Dutch oven, replace the lid, and begin baking.
pivoine April 17, 2020
Also, per Mark Bittman's suggestion, I use a Silpat for the final steps and the transfer to the Dutch oven. My dough goes into the hot Dutch oven by its lonesome. No issues with sticking!
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