A couple of comments and a question or two.

I am a latecomer to baking sourdough bread (or, really, any bread at all); I got a starter in October 2021 and since then have been baking a loaf and/or making pizza dough weekly using the starter. This recipe has been excellent, and the proportions of the ingredients have been spot-on. (I have tweaked it a bit by using 1 Tbsp. salt, and 1 Tbsp. fresh chopped rosemary in my loaves; I add both after mixing the sourdough starter and water, then add half the flour and stir to combine before adding the rest of the flour. I also use only bottled/distilled water, so I don't have to worry about any unwelcome chemicals in the water.)

My questions are these:

(1) Has anyone used or added honey in baking a loaf pursuant to this recipe? If so, do any amounts of the ingredients change?

(2) Has anyone added cheddar cheese to the recipe? If so, how much did you add, and did you find it necessary to modify the amounts of ingredients (flour or water) because of the added cheese?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/comments about my questions.

  • Posted by: gandalf
  • April 9, 2022
No-Knead Sourdough Bread
Recipe question for: No-Knead Sourdough Bread


aargersi April 13, 2022
Ok she uses 500g bread flour, 50g starter, 9 g salt WITHOUT cheese, 5 g salt with cheese, 150g cheese cubed if using, 375g water. Overnight rise in the fridge. Makes 2 loaves.
I’m trying it this weekend!
gandalf April 13, 2022
Thank you!
aargersi April 10, 2022
My neighbor adds cheese to hers and it’s FABULOUS … she uses cubed sharp cheddar and cuts the amount of added salt in half to compensate.
I have added rosemary to mine but not honey, but I think it would be great. It might make it rise faster?
gandalf April 10, 2022
Thanks! Would you happen to know the amounts of flour/water/starter/cheese that your neighbor uses? I'm wondering how they compare to the amounts in the article.
aargersi April 13, 2022
I haven’t forgotten this! I’m waiting for a reply from her!
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