In my family we are fans of poutine. What is a Poutine ? a typical Quebec dish, far removed from current health concepts.
No need to have 100 ingredients or to have completed the Hotel School. A Poutine is a mixture of fried potatoes, sauce, meat and melted cheese.
This summer during our family trip to Quebec, we tried a large medley of poutines, we could almost have written a "special Poutine guide from Ottawa to Tadoussac”.
Thus we were able to taste the bacon poutine, the smoked meat poutine, the sausage poutine, the ground beef poutine, the one with peas and carrots…. There are 50 poutines. In fact you can order a poutine with pizza, with burger, with asiatic meal.... Soon they will offer us a poutine with morning coffee.
But we can even now find some establishments that try to serve us vegan poutines, lactose-free, gluten-free… In fact, they search a healthy Poutine.
So I say STOP, it's no longer a poutine. Real poutine is eaten by the roadside, ordered from a food-truck. Very fatty, crisp and fluffy homemade fries. Then a sauce with the good taste of smoked meat juice, surely prepared with a magic powder. Detail to ignore, it is better. Finally cheese in small grains, fresh cheese that "squeaks" as Canadians say. A kind of mozzarella in small pieces that will melt with the heat of the dish and delight our taste buds.
Long live the potatoes, the frying, the hydrogenated oil, the butter, the milk….

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Nancy February 9, 2020
Just having a vegetable poutine in Toronto and came across your post.
Yes, so good!
Theo.P December 19, 2019
So delicious !
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