My chocolate chip cookie dough was too hot and melted the chips. Any ideas what I can do with this batter now? Mix something else in?

I was making Alice Mendrich's chocolate chip cookies, which has you melt the butter on the stove, mix everything in, and then mix in the chips after the dough cools. Being impatient, I mixed in the chips too soon, so now I have a brown batter. It still tastes good, but I'm looking for ideas of what I should mix into the batter so it's not just lumpy brown cookies. Will more semi-sweet chips make the cookie too bitter? Nuts? Any help is much appreciated!

  • Posted by: SarahK
  • February 18, 2011


latoscana February 19, 2011
Might have a different texture but ought to taste delicious.
betteirene February 19, 2011
Granola is good. Adding 3/4 of a cup to a full batch of cookies doesn't change the cookie too much, but it does add a little something that makes people ask about the difference. I use homemade granola that is sweetened with honey and contains one or two kinds of nuts, coconut, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.
Blissful B. February 18, 2011
You could also make sandwich cookies & put frosting in the center -- sort of like homemade oreos. Chill the dough first in the shape of a log & then slice & bake.
drbabs February 18, 2011
How about pretzels, potato chips and/or dried cereal? You'd have your own version of compost cookies!
beyondcelery February 18, 2011
How about a few semi-sweet chocolate chips, dried cherries, and chopped pecans? It shouldn't make the dough too bitter. I've done something similar on purpose, for a kind of swirly chocolate in the dough, then added nuts. It tasted great!
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