Is granulated sugar ok? Having trouble finding it caster sugar. Will it change the texture?

Really enjoyed these cookies during the Food52 event! :) I want to bake them at home but don't want to compromise the texture.

  • Posted by: Carina
  • December 24, 2019
Ammama's Semolina Butter Cookies
Recipe question for: Ammama's Semolina Butter Cookies


elena K. October 19, 2020
This recipe did not work, followed to a tee. The balls became liquid mess in the oven. Something is missing from the recipe to make it successful
Happygoin December 24, 2019
I’ve even zizzed up granulated sugar for about 5-8 seconds in a food processor, and it worked beautifully.
Brinda A. December 24, 2019
Hi Carina! Granulated sugar will be a bit coarse for this recipe, as it won’t cream into the butter quite so easily. Some options are to use superfine sugar instead (should be fairly available in most grocery stores) or to put the granulated sugar in a clean spice grinder until it becomes a bit finer (but not fine enough to become powdered sugar). Could also use a mortar and pestle for this, plus a bit of elbow grease. Then you’ll want to measure the ground-up sugar, post-grinding for the recipe. I hope this helps! Happy holidays!
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