Sugar Substitutes

I'm trying to use 'healthier' and lower-calorie ingredients in my baking, and have been experimenting with different sugar substitutes. Splenda works very well in baking, but a lot of people don't want artificial sweeteners in their food. I just found Stevia in powdered form, and have used agave nectar and coconut nectar, which only seem to exist as liquids, in recipes in which the sweetener doesn't require the texture or bulk of sugar, but I wondered whether you have worked with any of these alternatives, and how you made the substitute. I also just heard about coconut sugar, which I haven't even seen in stores. Do you know anything about the appropriate uses for that?

Bryna Kranzler


ATG117 April 2, 2012
I'm of the camp that real sugar is healthier than anything artificial, though granted more caloric. And despite the agave hype that was, there has been much written since to suggest agave is not healthier than sugar either. I like using raw sugar. Here's a wiki link re coconut sugra:
If this is accurate, it has a lower glycemic index, more vitamins and can be subbed with sugar one for one.
Bryna K. April 1, 2012
I thought I might find it there, but didn't know if anyone had had experience with it
Sadassa_Ulna April 1, 2012
I just passed by some coconut sugar at Whole Foods but I don't know anything about it, just that they sell it.
susan G. April 1, 2012
It is best to look at company websites or contact the producer for recipes specific to their product. The chemistry can get tricky.
I just saw agave powder sold in packets at Trader Joe's.
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