Omg I have been thawing a stuffed butterball in the sink for hours. Flipped it over again and just noticed it says don't thaw

So I am freaking out. I can't cook it asap because it is midnight. Do I put it in the freezer after hours in the sink? Leave it in the sink? Is it still ok and safe to cook and serve tomorrow?

  • Posted by: Bkmc
  • December 25, 2019


creamtea December 25, 2019
Don't re-freeze it. Keep in fridge overnight. Cook it tomorrow.
Bkmc December 25, 2019
Thank you so much for your message. Do you feel I should be concerned about the safety of the bird or the stuffing?
creamtea December 25, 2019
sorry I just re-read your post. The safety issue has to do with the stuffing being left in overnight. I personally think I would remove & discard the stuffing rather than leave it in. If you have time to prepare a different starch and have the ingredients (cubed bread or wild rice for a dressing cooked outside of the bird, perhaps, or simple sweet potatoes or roasted potatoes) I would make that. If you already have another starchy dish on the menu, then you're set. Hoping another member chimes in with their thoughts about the stuffing safety issue.
creamtea December 25, 2019
See above, I reconsidered your post when I re-read it and I do think the stuffing is an issue. Did you have the bird submerged in cold water? If so I think you're ok. If it was not submerged in cold water I would be concerned. There are some folks here who are very knowledgeable about safety issues who may chime in in the morning.
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