"Baked" Brie?

Does anyone know if "baking" a small brie in the microwave would work? I'm almost afraid to experiment but if someone already has......................

  • Posted by: Fern
  • March 30, 2011


CozyDelicious March 30, 2011
My mother-in-law will often smear brie with fig jam and microwave on low power for just 60-90 seconds to warm and soften. It's actually quite yummy, although I still do prefer the oven. But in a pinch, the microwave works fine!
ChefDaddy March 30, 2011
Time really depends on the wattage of the Microwave and the size of your small brie. I've seen several sizes in the small brie catagory.. Just keep an eye on it. Also, you can "break" the cheese if cooked too long. You will know when you do this because it will become oily.
StacyG March 30, 2011
If you try the microwave go slow and at half power. Check it often. I think 2-4 minutes on full power will be too much.
Fern March 30, 2011
Thanks Kimkej. On FULL POWER?
kimkej March 30, 2011
I prefer doing it in the oven but have done it often in the microwave with no problems. Depending on the size, I would go 2-4 minutes. It will be yummy either way!
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