Does Food52 ship to Canadian address

Need those cast iron steel skillets ASAP. My eggs they cry 😭

  • Posted by: She6910
  • January 12, 2020
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Emily K. January 13, 2020
Hi she6910! Ah, sadly we don't ship internationally at the moment, but best of luck with your cookware shopping :).
She6910 January 12, 2020
It’s actually the BK steel fry pans. But thank you so much for your reply! I’ll check them out too!
Nancy January 13, 2020
She6910 -
Amazon sells BK steel (both Amazon Canada and Amazon USA for shipping to Canada).
Check them out, see how prices compare for the frying pan you want.
BTW, last I checked food52 only ships in the USA.
Nancy January 12, 2020
Do you mean the Field Clmpany cast iron skillets?
They sell in BC at a small chain called Cook Culture (Vancouver and Victoria).
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