I am cooking T-Bone steaks for my whole family and I need help with the procedure for how to cook it. I only have a stove and a website said that I should use a cast iron skillet. I ONLY HAVE A CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN. WILL THIS STILL WORK??? Thank you and get back to me as soon as possible.

Kathleen Parent/Guardian Parker


18wheelinman January 3, 2019
Does your stove have a broiler setting? And broiler pan? I would definitely go that route. I have two wood fire grills. XL & M big green eggs. That's where great steaks come from.
Nancy January 3, 2019
Give each steak contact with the hot surface of the Dutch oven, until cooked.
Depending on how many steaks you need to cook, and the size of Dutch oven, you may have to do these in more than one batch.
If so, have ready a platter or sheet pan and a lid or towel (to keep them warm) to hold the done steaks while you cook the remaining ones.
BakerBren January 2, 2019
The dutch oven should work well. The higher walls (compared to a skillet) actually reduce splattering. You should be able to successfully follow the recipe with the dutch oven. Tongs will probably be the best tool for handling the steaks in the deeper pan.
Kathleen P. January 2, 2019
I also have an air fryer
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