Increasing The Number of Portions

I would like to increase the portions for this to 4-6. Have you tested it in this quantity?

Jenny Amoroso
Pad Thai From Kris Yenbamroong
Recipe question for: Pad Thai From Kris Yenbamroong


HalfPint January 16, 2020
Looks like the recipe serves about 2. So I would double or triple the recipe, just cook in batches unless you have a really large wok or skillet. Since it takes about 10 minutes to cook each batch, it should not take so long to make enough for 4-6 portions.
Jenny A. January 16, 2020
HalfPint..thanks for answering my poorly written question:) I thought you would be able to read on further but it appears that just my "headline" showed up. Also, thanks for giving tips on cooking this recipe in a larger batch. I'm sure it's going to go fast...
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