Seeking advice on how to prevent the Food52 beautiful and useful Mediterranean Vinyl Mats from slipping and sliding. Their slipperiness is not useful.

If someone suggests a pad, is there one that is both very thin (like the vinyl mats) and the right size. Thanks

Harry Levine


Emily K. January 22, 2020
Hi Harry! In the past when customers have asked us for advice on keeping these mats in place, we've suggested a thin non-slip mat/pad to lay beneath it. So far, so good—it has seemed to work well for those we've talked to. But if any questions come up (or you wind up seeking a different solution altogether) feel free to write us at [email protected]. We're happy to help.
Harry L. January 21, 2020
Thanks. Your reply gave me courage to seek out tape options. On Amazon I found lots of anti-slip tapes and sticky strips for stairs and such. Also tape for stairs and slippery places. I have ordered one, will try it, and report back on what I learn. I've ordered "Hylaea Anti Slip Tape Clear, 2 Inch x 20 Feet, Anti Slip Strip, Non-Slip Stair Treads Tape, Safety Tub and Shower Tread for Stairs, Steps, Boats, Garage, Ladders, Indoor, Outdoor, Prevents Slipping." $9.59. We'll see. I'd still like to know if anyone else had tried to solve this problem -- a number of people have commented on how the Vinyl mats slide around. Has anyone other than me tried to find a solution? Thanks.
Lori T. January 21, 2020
If you are not above a little DIY, you can use the craft "puffy paint" on the back of the rug to make it resist slipping. It's sold in craft shops where the other fabric paints are sold, in a multitude of colors. I use it on socks and slippers mostly, but discovered it would hold the vinyl mat under my pet's bowls in place as well. You don't need it to be a really thick line, or all over the back- only in the corners and perhaps a bit in the middle. It may come off in the wash a bit, but it's inexpensive enough to replace as needed. Otherwise, you are down to double sticky tape, painter's tape, or something like that. They also sell rug pads you can cut to fit, but they may be thicker than what you would prefer.
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