Seeking a good cake-making book for beginners

Hi, so one of the things that I would like to improve for this year is how to ice and decorate a cake properly. I would love to ask for suggestions for beautiful cake-making (two-layer) books for beginners that would be helpful. Lots of pictures would be a plus.



Karen C. January 30, 2022
Sheet Cake: Easy One-Pan Recipes for Every Day and Every Occasion: A Baking Book Hardcover – August 17, 2021
by Abigail Johnson Dodge (Author)
This cookbook covers everything for a beginner and is written by an accomplished chef and cookbook author. The cookbook shows how one sheet pan can yield a plethora of rolled, layered or flat cakes, each delicious and well thought out.
drbabs January 11, 2022
I learned to bake from Maida Heatter’s books. Her cake instructions are impeccable and easy to follow (but there usually aren’t photos).

If you want some easy cake recipes that you can practice from and make some really good cakes, I highly recommend the Food52 book Baking as a companion to The Cake Bible. Most of the cakes in there are extremely easy, and if you follow the instructions, you should be successful.
HalfPint January 10, 2022
In addition to books for cake decorating, I highly recommend Youtube videos. There are tons of tutorials for cake decorating. Often times, the YT creators have a series of video tutorials designed for beginners. I find the videos do a better job of demonstrating technique than pictures or illustrations in books.
wyndslash January 10, 2022
thanks! I was thinking more along the lines of buying a good cake book, not necessarily a cake decorating book, and just keep practicing. if it tastes good, i'm more likely to eat it, haha.
aargersi January 10, 2022
I would recommend The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum … it’s not necessarily a beginner book but her directions are so precise and clear it doesn’t need to be. Her Baking Bible is also wonderful
Nancy January 10, 2022
Me too!
The book is a combination of recipes, teaching how-tos and references.
wyndslash January 10, 2022
thank you! I'll try this!
Happygoin January 10, 2022
I’ll add my vote too. Rose Levy Berenbaum’s cookbook has been my go-to book for gorgeous cakes for years.
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