Can anyone recommend a good candy thermometer?

I bought a digital from Sur La Table to make the Salted Pumpkin Caramels.
First--It became possessed when I was washing it/steralizing right out of the package. My EE husband got it under control and blamed me for its posession. Machines never misbehave, its the user. :-p

However, when making the caramels, as the temperature was rising from boiling, the thermometer was reading that it was lowering, and eventually just went crazy.

So, I'm happy to know the original posessed behavior is explainable.

Anyway, I found that the readout was not legible when the device heats up.

I'd be grateful for your input and suggestions:)

  • Posted by: Angel
  • March 30, 2011


ALittleZaftig April 2, 2011
Yes, I tried Taylor digital, as well as other brands, and went back to their conventional thermometer.
sweetlolo March 31, 2011
I've used this Redi-Chek digital thermometer for years (and I'm a commercial candy maker) It's inexpensive, easy to read, indicates temp and also stage of cooking (soft ball, hard ball, etc), clips to the pot and is very durable.
latoscana March 31, 2011
I have this cheap (about $10) and perfectly serviceable one: Works fine and appears to be fairly indestructible. I like it because it clips on and the face is large enough for me to see clearly.
macollins March 31, 2011
Like FoodieFlirt, I've had good results with an inexpensive clip-on thermometer from the grocery store. Mine is similar to: except that it has a stainless steel sheath to protect part of the thermometer. I like mine because it's easy to read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Another style of analog clip-on is something like: with a temperature dial on top, and they've even included a little guide for candy making temperature.
FoodieFlirt March 31, 2011
I had a clip-on thermometer that worked like a charm before I lost it. I bought it at a grocery store and it was inexpensive. Although it was ginormous and not that sexy looking but it worked fabulously. Never had a problem with it.
boulangere March 30, 2011
Very safe! Non-digital.
Angel March 30, 2011
Boulangere and Zaftig--This digital is a Taylor. Is it safe to assume that your Taylor's are not digital? ******************
Spiffypaws-thanks for your suggestion!
boulangere March 30, 2011
Taylor clip-ons have been my go-to for several years also. Easy to find, not expensive.
spiffypaws March 30, 2011
The brand that I use is Polder, it also has a setting that will alert you when your max temp is reached. I have never had a problem w/ digital thermometers.
ALittleZaftig March 30, 2011
I have had the same issues with several brands of digital thermometers, which I used for candy making (and am happy to know now that I am not alone!). I have gone back to the Taylor brand of conventional clip-on candy thermometers. They are easy to read and have never failed.
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