Lard substitute as don’t eat pork.

I don’t eat lard so just wondering if I can use Coconut Oil to replace (called Copha in Australia and it’s a hard block).

Jill Taylor
Hot Water Crust
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Lori T. February 2, 2020
Unless you have a problem with butter- I would recommend using unsalted butter instead. Or you can use shortening, or suet- vegetarian types included. I think even solid coconut fat has a lower melting point than any of those, and if the fat melts before the crust has a chance to set, the crust will not hold up.
Lori T. February 2, 2020
Sorry- I finally managed to pull up the product you are suggesting. It seems as if it is a vegetarian version of shortening- although it has been hydrogenated to obtain the more solid form. It could work. My only wonder would be how much of the coconut flavor might come through in the pastry, and if it may clash with your filling. It's not sold here in America, so I could not help with that at all.
Jill T. February 3, 2020
Thanks for that Lori. My mum used to do a combination of butter and Cofa but not in a hot water pastry. She made a really nice crust. There was no coconut flavour. I’ll give it a go anyway. Thanks again
Nancy February 2, 2020
When going for a substitute ingredient, I often go for a tested recipe with the different ingredient I want to use. (Rather than do a straight substitution in a recipe with a different key ingredient in the original recipe.) I haven't tried these, but many others have used the recipes. See if one or more looks good to you. Good luck :)!
Jill T. February 3, 2020
Thanks Nancy. 😀
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