Why are my cookies suddenly becoming too crisp?

It’s a recipe I’ve made for years the cookies would come out soft and chewy before.

  • Posted by: Cheryl
  • February 2, 2020


Nancy February 2, 2020
Cheryl, congrats on new oven! Not to cast aspersions, but even new ovens sent perfectly calibrated.
Maybe worth with checking that interior temp matches exterior reading.
If that's all fine, is there anything else in your baking that's changed?
Nancy February 2, 2020
Should read: even new ovens aren't perfectly calibrated
Cheryl February 3, 2020
It crossed my mind too, that the oven isn’t calibrated correctly. I baked banana bread and the middle sank! Better call the company before too much time passes. Thank you for your help.
Nancy February 2, 2020
Oven aging so temperature unreliable? Have you checked it with a thermometer inside the oven?
Cheryl February 2, 2020
Thank you Nancy, funny you should mention the oven. It’s brand new. Maybe, I’m just not used to it yet.
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