Sourdough loaves have coating of flour

Hi all,
I have 2 cane bannetons with linen liners. When making sourdough, I flour the linen liners liberally so the soft dough does not stick. However, after baking the loaves, they have a coating of cooked flour. If I use less flour in the banneton, the dough sticks to the linen. How do I eliminate this "white" coating of flour on my sourdough loaves?

Jeff Z
  • Posted by: Jeff Z
  • February 10, 2020
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Androo February 12, 2020
Use white rice flour. Although I think you should stick (pun intended) to doing what you’re doing. Why? Having some flour on your finished loaf is normal. If you want just take a brush to it and brush off the excess. Bakers use it to their advantage, it provides half the medium in which to create beautiful designs on your finished loaf. The other half being a lame.

I hope that helps to answer your question.
Nancy February 11, 2020
Agree that this is a gorgeous loaf and the flour IS part of the attraction. But/and if you want a recipe without the flour, look around. King Arthur Flour, for ex, has one.
Stephanie B. February 10, 2020
Are you using all wheat flour? I've found with a mix of wheat and rice flour the loaves don't stick to the liners and the flour sticks less to the loaves. I think your loaf looks great though.
Jeff Z. February 11, 2020
100% King Arthur bread flour. I live in New England, so I try to use local flour for the best matchup between environmental microbes and the flour.
Stephanie B. February 11, 2020
I wouldn't worry too much about the microbes in the flour you're using to coat the bannetons - by that stage I think whatever has been growing in your bread won't get thrown off balance by the flour for coating. Half wheat, half courser flour (I like rice flour best, but semolina works too) helps prevent sticking, at least in my hands. And I found I end up using less flour if I do that blend - usually about a teaspoon of each type of flour is all I use to coat two bannetons/liners. Oh also are you washing your liners between every bake? It may sound gross, but if they get a buildup of flour on them, it helps prevent sticking as you use them.
Jeff Z. February 11, 2020
I do NOT wash them. I store them as-is between loaves
SMSF February 10, 2020
I don't bake bread and have no suggestion for you. But I had to drop in to comment about how beautiful that bread looks!
If it's any reassurance, the artisan-type loaves of this shape usually have visible flour like this. Great job!
BakerBren February 10, 2020
That's part of the process and charm. You can try reducing the flour dusted onto the linen. The dough shouldn't stick too badly to the linen unless you really go for a long cold ferment. Alternatively, you can shape a little tighter and proof on a flat linen lined (and flour dusted) bread board with the seam down/presentation side up. Then the flour is on the bottom instead of on top. That certainly works, but you may be unhappy with loaf height and volume due to spreading that the bannetons prevent. Bake on!
Jeff Z. February 10, 2020
TY. I was under the impression that the white detracted from my loaves. TYVM
karen February 16, 2020
OMG, be proud...those loaves look so professional. Don't worry about the's part of a well constructed, beautiful package. Keep up the good work.
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