Eggless ALLERGY recipe for a party

Is there a good way to make this eggless? I made this and brought it to work and I was asked to make it again for a party but eggless. I know you can do flax eggs or chia but I wanted to know the best option for this specific recipe. THANKS!

Sunset's Whole Orange Cake
Recipe question for: Sunset's Whole Orange Cake


Stephanie G. February 24, 2020
You might want to consider searching for a vegan version of this cake. I am certain with the trend toward vegan baking you will be able to find a similar recipe to either compare this one to or to use instead. Good luck! And please let us know how it turns out.
LeBec F. February 24, 2020
i'm sure one of the brilliant 52 bakers will answer this specifically. hope you dont hate me for this comment, but the accurate expression is EGG ALLERGY, not'' eggless allergy". best of luck
le bec fin
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