what to sub for ground almonds in recipe? We have allergies to nuts.

  • Posted by: nancyg
  • February 27, 2020


Lori T. February 28, 2020
How about using ground sunflower seeds? Pumpkin seeds - aka pepitas, or sesame seeds would also work. The purpose in this recipe, aside from flavor, is to thicken it. You could also use unsweetened coconut flour, which would thicken and enhance taste as well.
nancyg February 28, 2020
Thanks for your input....you make a lot of sense, and some very good options. Nancy
Nancy February 28, 2020
Anything you substitute will change the dish.
That said, options include:
1) for similar protein and texture, peanut butter or tahini (if those are tolerable);
2) for volume, some vegetable, like tomato puree;
3) for protein and volume, ground beef or ground turkey.
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