Grating carrots - which method?

I’m eager to try this rendition and appreciate the weight measurement for the carrots. Do you recommend a microplane for grating them? I’ve used a box grater and the food processor attachments in the past, neither of which I would classify as yielding a finely grated end product.

Pamela Turner
Carrot Cake
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Stan October 28, 2021
Oops..with 2nd smallest holes. I can only imagine the improved overall textural improvements a microplane would produce. Fwiw I now have seen a great video on this subject from Jaime Cooks, a kitchen tool teacher.
Stan October 28, 2021
I used the 2nd smallest holes on a box grater w
LeBec F. March 3, 2020
IMO, a microplane would take forever and is not necessary. Box Grater on the side where you do your cheese is my suggestion- the same way carrots have always been done for carrot cake.
le Bec Fin
Coral L. March 3, 2020
Hi Mindy! Thanks for jumping in. Seeing as how carrots are typically the same width (if not smaller) as a microplane, grating on a microplane takes no longer than using a box grater, with a larger surface, would. The textural difference created by grating with a microplane is rather significant (the shreds emerge as mere wisps, making for a more even carrot flavor and texture) so I would actually recommend the microplane over box grater, if you have one!
LeBec F. March 3, 2020
well coral, let's hope she posts her method and results!
le bec fin
Coral L. March 2, 2020
Hi Pamela, you are correct! I do advise the use the microplane for yielding finely-grated carrots.
Pamela T. March 3, 2020
Thank you!
Pamela T. March 3, 2020
And apologies, I reread your lead-in and now see where you recommended the microplane that I overlooked earlier (red faced emoji).
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