Could this cake be baked in one rectangular pan? If so, what size, what oven temp and for how long? Thanks!

Carrot Cake
Recipe question for: Carrot Cake


Coral L. April 20, 2020
Hi there! KAF has a great guide for converting layer cakes > a sheet cake:

It seems as if the batter for this recipe's 2 9-inch cake rounds will fit just fine into one 9x13x2" pan, and that baking time will actually increase by 30-40%. Good luck, and please report back! Would love to hear how it went :-)
lambchop April 20, 2020
Many thanks for responding! I’ll check out that King Arthur website. I like the idea of baking it in a sheet pan because I’m not a fan of all the frosting of a double layer cake. I know, what’s wrong with me?? 😉
Coral L. April 20, 2020
Of course! (And, nothing at all—swiping a recipe's worth of frosting on a 9x13" canvas sounds *very* therapeutic.)
PhillipBrandon April 18, 2020
Two 8-inch squares would be the same as two 9-inch rounds. In a single sheet pan, you may end up with slightly more batter than will comfortably fit in a 13x9. (Fill a ramekin or mug and make yourself a secret cupcake—we won't tell!). The proportions and temperature should remain the same, but you'll want to go by smell, look, and maybe a toothpick test rather than the time indicated for doneness.
Nancy April 18, 2020
Also look at Alice Medrich article here about using various pans to make any cake recipe.
Or download a conversion chart for baking pans (see king arthur flour or allrecipes sites).
lambchop April 19, 2020
Thanks for the referrals!
lambchop April 20, 2020
You had me at secret cupcake. Thanks for the response!
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