What do I do about mold on top of my olives when I took it out after 6 months?

Hi there! I followed this recipe to a T, and I just took the jar out of the fridge for the first time today. There is a thick layer of green fuzzy mold across the entire top. Do I need to trash the entire thing or is there a way that this is salvageable? Thanks so much!

Missy Singer DuMars


hallasun August 17, 2021
Hi! I came on here earlier as I had the same problem with a jar of olives. There was a dark grey mould on the top of the olives which had been in the fridge for some time. But it looked very much like I get on jams and marmalades which I always scoop off the top so I decided to do the same with them. Once I'd washed it off the topmost olives I poured them out into a sifter until none was remaining then filled the jar with cider venegar. I ate around 8 of them in a salad about 6 hours ago and feel just fine.
Gammy March 2, 2020
Personally, I would toss. Why take a chance? I would be curious to see if anyone suggests trying to salvage.
Nancy March 3, 2020
Gammy - if it were only a little bit or on a few olives, I might remove that little bit and see if the remainder were ok.
But a thick layer all across has me worried the whole jar is contaminated
I, too would toss.
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