How much quantity and What are the ingredients we need to cook mughlai chicken biryani for 100 persons

Pls help me to cook this recipe for one of the organization



Nancy March 5, 2020
Look up websites that help with "cooking for a crowd."
They usually give recipes for 50 or 100 people.
Look at a regular recipe for Mughlai chicken recipe and see how much meat it specifies.
Divide the "cooking for a crowd" chicken amount by the "one time" chicken amount, then multiply the single recipe by that factor.
(Or, if you will have walk-ins, first do the above multiplication and then add 10 to 15%.)
One caution - in translating home recipes to large quantity, it is safer to use initially a lower factor for multiplying spices, as they can be strong. When cooking the big dish, taste and - if needed - add more. Always easier to add more, than to fix an over-spiced expensive set of ingredients.
Good luck with your event!
Nancy March 6, 2020
PS Here's a sample recipe that serves 4-6.
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