Meatballs with marinara sauce in a slow cooker

I'm getting off work in a couple of hours and I was wanting to put some meatballs and marinara sauce in a slow cooker but I dont know how long they have to be in there. I'm getting off at 4 and I usually only sleep like 4 or 5 hours. So If I wake up would they be ready if I leave them in there for 4 hours

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1 Comment

HalfPint March 13, 2020
Assuming you are using frozen cooked meatballs and a 6 quart slow cooker: 4 hours on low should be ok, unless your cooker runs cooler than most. If your slow cooker runs hotter, 2-3 hours on low might be enough to heat through the meatballs. If you are cooking raw meatballs with the marinara, 3-4 hours on High is probably long enough to cook the meatballs to a safe temperature.
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