Cookies are refusing to collapse... at all

Emma, I followed your recipe to the letter (am not in a high altitude location, etc) and no matter how much I banged the pan (and disturbed both neighbors and my cat!), I couldn't get the center of these to collapse at all. I've produced slightly pyramidal cookies. Any idea what's gone wrong?

  • Posted by: Amanda
  • March 16, 2020
Wrinkly Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe question for: Wrinkly Chocolate Chip Cookies


Kyla S. May 22, 2020
Hi! Do you bake this at a normal oven with no fan on? Or did you use a convection oven (oven with a fan on)? I have an oven that lets me bake with a fan on or not. So I don’t know what setting I should put it in when baking this delicious recipe!!! Help :(
Emma L. March 17, 2020
Hi Amanda—I'm sorry to hear that happened! I've thought a lot (maybe too much?) about how pan-banging affects cookies, and written all about the different variables here: When I've pan-banged too much or with too much force (my cat doesn't like this either), I end up with flatter cookies, with less wrinkles. But I've never encountered them not flattening out at all like you described... Have you calibrated your oven recently? That's the first thing that comes to mind because it's often the culprit when baked goods go awry for me. I'll keep thinking on it and will let you know if anything else strikes!
Amanda March 16, 2020
(Sorry, I just realized that I used the form incorrectly and what I thought was a title just looks like a cranky statement!!)
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