What store bought things are you now making from home?

1. I'm culinarily challenged but 2. up for a challenge. What snacks and staples are you now making at home that you (okay, I) used to just buy at the store--and would you share the recipes? I've tried bread, 3-ingredient Cheez-Its and am relieved I didn't throw out our ice-cream maker!



Andrea L. March 23, 2020
Bread, Quark and Yogurt
[email protected] March 23, 2020
I'm today years old when I learned what Quark is! Just looked it up :-). Be well!
arielcooks March 22, 2020
At Costco, I bought a box (8 pkts) of Tasty Bite organic Indian Madras lentils. I served them on brown rice and topped them with plain yogurt, and chopped onions and cilantro. Meatless meal in a hurry!
Anne B. March 22, 2020
I just made the Slow Roasted Whole Chicken and it was probably the best chicken I've ever had. So tender, tasty, moist and the meat fell off the bone. The gravy is delicious! I won't be able to buy a store-bought roasted chicken again. This will be our meal for 2 nights and what's left over will be good in sandwiches.
[email protected] March 22, 2020
Yum!! Was it this one? https://food52.com/recipes/10654-slow-roasted-lemon-chicken
Miss_Karen March 20, 2020
I just emailed you the applesauce recipe :)
gandalf March 19, 2020
I have started making my own tomato (spaghetti/pasta) sauce using Marcella Hazan's very easy recipe: https://food52.com/recipes/81162-marcella-hazan-s-tomato-sauce-with-onion-butter. I can add herbs and vegetables to it, for a little variation. (I consider tomato sauce a staple in our household, anyway.)
gandalf March 19, 2020
Although I modify the tomato sauce recipe by using 4 Tbsp. butter (half a stick), and crushed tomatoes instead of whole ones. It seems to work out fine.
[email protected] March 19, 2020
Thanks for posting the recipe--it looks like something even I could manage! I always read (and am always so grateful for) people's recipe modifications. I will def. try the crushed first. Much easier. Be well!
Miss_Karen March 18, 2020
I've been making my own apple sauce lately as well. Several apple varieties are still available, whereas applesauce is not. I refuse to purchase those nasty pouch things....
[email protected] March 19, 2020
Good idea! I bought some that are going soft. Is there a particular recipe you use? I wish I was an intuitive chef, but I need micro directions.
Miss_Karen March 20, 2020
Yes. I will get it from my files and email it to you.
arielcooks March 22, 2020
I core and peel 8 or 10 apples, and chop them up into half-inch cubes or thereabouts, and let them fall into a dishpan of cold water (acidulated with a little lemon juice or cider vinegar). Then I reach in and grab them, dripping, and put them in a large Pyrex casserole with lid. Put the lid on, and microwave the dish on full power for 18 minutes. Cool and mash roughly. Add cinnamon to taste, although it's really good by itself, nothing added.
Miss_Karen March 18, 2020
I work in a grocery store, so I know first hand how frenetic shopping has become. I also have a teenager on (very) extended Spring Break.... sigh!
King Arthur Flour has some good cracker recipes. I tend to bake when I need to think or unwind, so luckily I have cookie/brownie/bread ingredients on hand most of the time. However, I recently used instant (apple flavored) oatmeal packets as a base for oatmeal muffins. Of course, the kid insisted I MUST add raisins. ๐Ÿ™‚They turned out yummy!
Nancy March 18, 2020
Nice idea to use instant oatmeal for muffins.
[email protected] March 19, 2020
Wow, hats off to you. Grocery stores are doing an incredible job trying to keep up with demand. I was going to try King Arthur's starter recipe (insert Halloween music) so I'll look for the cracker recipe. Thank you!
Miss_Karen March 20, 2020
I'll look for this in my files as well.
Nancy March 18, 2020
Sometimes, crackers from scratch.
Surprisingly good, easy and much more customizable than packaged ones.
Look around at recipes....use the flour and add-ins (seeds, etc) you like.
Roll dough with a pasta maker or rolling pin.
Great for cheese, dips, soup.
Coral L. March 18, 2020
Hi! A few things:
1. Whenever I have leftover milk or cream in the fridge from cooking/baking, I will turn it into Greek yogurt. Here's a guide: https://food52.com/blog/16269-the-beginner-s-guide-to-making-impossibly-creamy-yogurt
2. We go through a lot of bacon at home, but instead of discarding the fat, I save it in jars for making flour tortillas. Here's a recipe to get started: https://food52.com/recipes/18526-flour-tortillas
3. Anytime I use a vanilla bean, I add it to a mini-bar bottle of vodka, for homemade vanilla extract. Because the bottle is so small, the (spent) pod infuses the alcohol relatively quickly.
[email protected] March 18, 2020
These are perfect, thank you (and with three teens stuck at home #3 will be my self-care!).
Miss_Karen March 18, 2020
I put the used vanilla bean(s) into my sugar canister.
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