Can I use corn grits for this recipe?

Bob's Red Mill Corn Grits.

Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread
Recipe question for: Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread


Nancy March 22, 2020
Yes, but you'll need to adjust the cornbread recipe a bit.
Either par cook the grits first, then make the cornbread as written.
Or, use the grits in place of cornmeal, but add some water and cooking time to make they're cooked through.
Oaklandpat March 22, 2020
Thanks for your speed reply Nancy. As an alternative, what if I ground up the grits to be finer? The label says lists only corn as the sole ingredient.
Nancy March 22, 2020
Oaklandpat - yes, grinding the grits might make them easier and quicker to cook.
They still might need some water that the cornmeal doesn't require to bake.
If I were doing this adaptation I'd add a bit of water either when mixing it all up in the beginning, or partway through the baking (if you taste test it near the end of baking time and find it raw or too gritty).
Oaklandpat March 22, 2020
Well, I did attempt to grind up the grits in my food processor, but they seemed to resist grinding! At a certain point I was worried about sandblasting my new Cuisinart bowl, so proceeded with the recipe. I added a bit of extra water as suggested. The end result was pretty good, but definitely gritty. My husband said he enjoyed that about it, but I think next time I will go with cornmeal. Thanks so much for your guidance Nancy. I have always loved the cooking community. Now that I am marooned at home, I especially appreciate it. It is comforting to connect with others out there, even if we are on opposite sides of the country. Stay well!
cratecooking March 23, 2020
Yes agree with Nancy! I’ll be using a very coarse grind of cornmeal, myself, to make this. Going to make a dressing for a Thanksgiving-ish dinner tomorrow!
Nancy March 23, 2020
Just another idea if you're stuck with dry grits instead of cornmeal another time - make regular grits as your side dish, with butter, cheese, and/or other traditional garnishes.
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