There has to be a better way!

The recipe:orange chicken . Method: beat eggs,dip cut up chicken into eggs, then dredge in a mixture of cornstarch and flour. Fry.
Holy cow! What a gloppy mess! Suggestions for either a better technique or a better recipe? Please?



Miss_Karen March 23, 2020
Thank you Eric. Where would someone find potato starch? I know it's different than potato flour. I mean regular shopping- not this frenetic nonsense we have currently.
Ladies, thank you as well. I will look at those links. I appreciate your responses.
Nancy March 23, 2020
Miss Karen - you're in a great time of year to buy potato starch, as it is used to prepare Passover foods, and those groceries are now heavily stocked. Also, stocked in regular and health food/vegetarian stores year round. Last, in online sellers.
inpatskitchen March 23, 2020
This one is excellent! and requires no dredging.
Nancy March 23, 2020
If you like orange chicken without the dredging and more like take-out stir-fry, see all recipes or dinnerthendessert sites for several recipes to choose from.
Nancy March 23, 2020
one recipe -
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