Are these baked blueberry side-down?

Direction says after baking flip so blueberries are on top. So these are baked blueberry side down? There’s no other direction stating which way to arrange on sheet, but in the recipe pics shows blueberries on top of cut slices pre-baked.

Second time I’m making these, this time with starter instead of buttermilk, last time I baked blueberries up and they were great but just curious which way it’s meant to be.

  • Posted by: Marley
  • April 2, 2020
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1 Comment

Eat A. April 2, 2020
The editors who tested my recipe say bake upside down and in the pan, I don’t agree with it. I cut the round in 8 pieces, much like pizza, and bake blueberry side up outside the pan. Hope this answers your question.
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