I am about to make a starter and have some AP flour and some rye flour. Do I use some of each or just one type? During subsequent feedings do I just u

  • Posted by: Joecs
  • April 13, 2020


Barbara April 14, 2020
Look at YouTube for sourdough starter methods. I'm just a beginner and my first starter failed, but the second one, from Bake with Jake episode 68, worked like a charm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q61EdnpxuY
Also if the AP flour is bleached, then you diminish the value of your starter. The bleach apparently kills what you need for the bacterial reaction. I liken it to adding sawdust in your starter -- not just inert, but a detraction More at Joshua Weissman's site on YouTube.
Joecs April 14, 2020
Thank you
Stephanie B. April 13, 2020
You have a few options. I recommend that you either start with all rye, or 50/50 rye and AP. The microbes like rye, so it's helpful to have at least some portion of rye to get your starter going. Once your starter is active, you can decrease the proportion of rye and increase the AP over a few feedings until it's fed on all AP. You can also continue to maintain an all or partial rye starter, though you may have to feed it more often since you might have a more active starter with rye. All of these options should work, it's up to your preference.
Joecs April 14, 2020
Thank you for your help I will definitely try this
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