Honey water starter - what am I doing wrong?

I am new to the sourdough game. I have a regular water rye flour starter and after seeing this honey water somewhere I have now one with honey water and white bread mix flour.
My question is - when ever I feed it to make bread it rises really fast and falls really fast, in seconds I miss the pick so I can never get the starter to float. What am I doing wrong?
Do I need to add honey to make it more robust? It bubbles beautifully all the time so its a good starter

Thank you

Adva Ulrich


Stephanie B. April 15, 2020
Personally, I wouldn't use honey in my starter. It has some antimicrobial properties and I'd be considering its throwing off the microbial population of a good starter.

The other possibility is that you're adding a lot of simple sugar to your starter, allowing the microbes to grow (and overgrow) super fast.
Stephanie B. April 15, 2020
I'd be concerned*
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