Just bought my first carbon steel wok and I don't think I've seasoned it correctly. How can i fix this?

To season, I scrubbed off the factory coating using hot soapy water and a scourer. I got the wok very hot and coated it with about 1.5-2 tablespoons of oil, then continued heating while tilting the wok until dark.

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Emma L. April 17, 2020
Hi! Here's our guide in case it's helpful: https://food52.com/blog/12452-how-to-season-a-wok
idiotHotdog April 17, 2020
Nancy April 17, 2020
Congratulations on your new cast iron wok!
I have one too and it's a great tool.
First, I think your wok is ok.
I've had spots like that and they go away, with more cooking, cleaning and seasoning.
My guess is your wok was still partly wet when you added the oil. And that the spots come from the water and oil heated together.
When I have to re-season my wok, I clean it, dry it upside down in a medium hot oven about half to one hour, then turn it right side up, oil it and let it sit in that same oven, heat turned off, until the oven returns to room temp.
Southern Living uses a similar upside down technique for first seasoning.
If I were you, I'd cook in it a few times, see how it's going and re-season if you have problems in making your first few recipes.

idiotHotdog April 17, 2020
Thank you! So far so good with cooking but I may re-season using the oven method you suggested if those black spots don't go away over time. Just for aesthetic.
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