I have a problem with my Mauviel carbon steel pan, which was a gift my son purchased via the Food52 e-commerce platform.

We seasoned it as instructed and it worked nicely for a few weeks. Then a guest who is not familiar with carbon steel put some water in the hot pan while some sausages were cooking and covered it to create steam. When we removed the sausages a few minutes later, and poured off the water, quite of few large patches of the seasoning came off. We tried re-seasoning, but have not been successful. The bottom surface of the pan is now covered with irregular splotches of unstable seasoning that comes off when we lightly rub the pan with an oiled paper towel. What should we do?
Thank you.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Amanda S. August 24, 2016
Hello again! We've got a plan (a pan plan)—look for an email from me with next steps!
Mrs B. August 24, 2016
Thank you, Amanda.
Greenstuff August 24, 2016
I hope you'll share with us! I have a wonder, heavy steel paella pan, made in Belgium, which I inherited from my mother. Much as I love it, it's spent most of the 30+ years I've owned it either rusty or flaking. I've just never managed to season it well.
702551 August 23, 2016
You need to start over.

Toss the pan into the oven upside down and run a self-cleaning cycle. This should turn the seasoning into a powdery soot that can be easily removed with some steel wool.

Then redo your seasoning.

Note, if you have BBQ grill grates that you want to clean, you can do them in the oven during the same self-cleaning cycle.

Good luck.
ChefJune August 23, 2016
If you do this, be sure to use 0000 (4-ought) steel wool only on your pan. Anything rougher will scratch it badly.
pierino August 23, 2016
After it's clean to your satisfaction fry some bacon in it. Wipe the grease out with salt and paper towel or cloth. Wash in hot water by hand and then burn it dry on the stove top. Gradually this will help build the seasoning back up. Just don't leave any large deposits of crud.
Mrs B. August 24, 2016
Thank you, pierino and ChefJune.
In case anyone is interested in more details: To your point, pierino, part of our problem with trying to re-season may be that we have not taken off enough of the "large deposits of crud" (so aptly stated); once those pieces of "crud" cooked on a bit more, they flaked off badly with just a gentle swipe using a walnut scrubber pad - made from walnut shells, not metal. Other small bits of seasoning have come off as well.

I sincerely hope that others will learn from our mistakes. (I have no reason to believe that this is a production defect but rather, just the reality of carbon steel.)
Mrs B. August 24, 2016
Thank you, cv.
Amanda S. August 23, 2016
Hi there! We're reaching out to Mauviel directly about the best way to proceed. More to come!
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