Sour dough starter in baking bread

The more I read the more I get confused. How much sour dough starter do you take out from a starter for baking bread or anything? Also do you feed it first then take out what you need?

  • Posted by: Nan
  • April 20, 2020


Stephanie B. April 20, 2020
The recipe should tell you how much starter to use. A lot of recipes I use go by baker's percentages (comparing all other ingredients to the amount of flour needed for the final dough), and call for ~20% starter to the weight of flour. So if you're making 1 loaf that calls for 500g of flour, you'd use ~100g starter.

And yes, you want starter that has been fed and active, meaning you've fed it, and given it time to ferment (it should also rise and look spongy and airy). Ideally you'd take out what you need for baking before it's "fallen" or collapsed on itself again. For my starter, I let it double in volume, but don't let it go much beyond that because in my experience it collapses soon after doubling. Hope that helps!
Nan April 20, 2020
Yes it does make sense. I started with whole grain wheat flour, can I feed with the same or switch to unbleached AP flour Thank you
Stephanie B. April 20, 2020
You can switch to unbleached AP, just increase the amount of AP and decrease the whole wheat over the course of a few feedings.
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