My sugar cookies turned out dry and stiff. What can I add to the saved dough to correct this.

Jane Smith


Jean December 4, 2022
It depends on the type of sugar cookie you're making. My mother-in-law's recipe makes very thin (1/4" maybe thinner), very crisp cookies and they are fantastic. Takes a lot of rolling out to get them so thin, but it's well worth it!
Miss_Karen April 21, 2020
I would stir in about 1 TBSP of milk or cream. Also, every type cookie continues to cook as it cools, so I would take them out after they have JUST set. And remove them from the baking sheets.
creamtea April 21, 2020
Some thoughts (no guarantees though!)
If you can add an egg yolk, that may tenderize the remaining dough.
Or, try baking the next batch for a shorter period of time, say perhaps 5 minutes less until done, monitoring their progress according to recipe directions.

Overmixing the dough or adding too much flour can also make the final product dry or tough.
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