How to use SAF Gold yeast in baking breads

Hi all, as you know instant east has been hard to come by but I was able to get SAF gold instant yeast. When trying to make pretzel yesterday with it vis Christina Tosi - the dough was wet and very sticky and the pretzels were not good - I believe I shouldn’t have proofed it, but how to you modify a recipe if you don’t proof. I am newish to baking with some great successes brioche and some terrible fails this pretzel recipe - any advice would help - do I just throw it in, do I add a little water - I used a great brioche recipe with it the da before and it was great, but the pretzels were a fail and she did use quite a bit of liquids that were warm. Thank you all so much!!!!!

  • Posted by: labeil
  • April 24, 2020


BakerBren April 24, 2020
SAF gold is an osmotolerant yeast. It's specifically developed for use in doughs with high sugar contents. It is not an all purpose yeast. So, use it for making breads like brioche and challah or croissants, pastries, and other viennoiserie and you'll probably be happier with the results. You can pitch the dry yeast in directly with the flour or mix it in with the liquid. Warm liquids aren't a big problem for yeast unless you get too hot (≥~120ˆF) which will start to kill the yeast.
labeil April 24, 2020
Thank you this helps me so much - I really appreciate it
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