Can I make sourdough bread without a Banneton/proofing basket? Easy replacements for Bannetons?

All my local kitchen stores are sold out and Amazon is saying it will take up to a month! If any one has any suggestions for an alternative to a Banneton/proofing basket it would be much appreciated! Also, any general sourdough tips would be appreciated! Thanks :)

  • Posted by: simba15
  • April 27, 2020


Emmie April 28, 2020
I usually just throw my most threadbare kitchen towel in a bowl and flour it. If you're baking in a Dutch oven, so long as the bowl is slightly smaller than the pot it'll be fine!
BakerBren April 28, 2020
Also, if you happen to have a napkin, cloth, or scrap that is true linen, that works the very best with the least sticking. Any appropriately sized/shaped basket lined with cloth can work and yes, bowls are fine but limit air flow. I've purchased inexpensive baskets and made my own liners out of linen that I cut, hemmed and pleated to fit.
Stephanie B. April 28, 2020
Yes, can make bread without a banneton. You can use cloth napkins in bowls, lightly oiled bowls, cloth lined baskets...just make sure your cloth isn't fuzzy (like a towel), and I like to sprinkle a mix of semonlin, rice, or cornmeal and regular flour to prevent the dough sticking to cloth.
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