Can I bake dinner rolls at a lower temperature?

I’m planning a chuck roast for my sister and I tonight, and I’d like to make rolls as well. I could use a crockpot for the roast, but I’m partial to my Dutch oven. My ideal would be to have the rolls and roast in the oven at the same time, but I don’t want to ruin the bread. I imagine they probably wouldn’t brown quite as much and would take longer, but could I still bake good rolls at 275F? If so, what should I expect/adjust?



Nancy September 30, 2022
Are you squeezed for oven time and must make the rolls and chuck roast in same slot?
I fear the dinner rolls will come out poorly at that low temp.
Instead, I have two solutions, or maybe three to give rolls with good color and texture, and nicely cooked beef.
1) Put the dinner rolls and meat in Dutch oven in 350F oven at same time. Rolls take usually 15-20 minutes. Remove rolls. Reduce oven to 275F, and cook beef as long as it needs.
2) Cook the beef all the way at 275F oven temp. Meanwhile make flatbread dinner rolls on top of the stove.
3) cook the beef as in plan #2. When it’s done (assuming you have a fair amount of liquid in the pot), drop biscuit batter on top of the liquid and cook as dumplings until done.
HalfPint September 30, 2022
I don't advise that low of a temperature. Breads need a high temp (~375F or higher) for that initial "oven spring" for a good rise, not just color. Once the rolls have puffed up, then you can lower the temp to finish the baking. I recommend baking the rolls before cooking the roast. You can always warm them up after the roast is done or towards the end of the cooking for the roast.
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