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Hello all! I have a really silly scenario that has been the cause of much contention in my home and would like clarification. If you are cooking raw ground meat with utensil A, is it OK to mix rice with utensil A and then return to cooking raw meat?



Nancy April 30, 2020
I found a USDA blog from 2011 that recommends always using separate cutting boards for meat and other food, and not using containers or utensils tgst touched raw meat for other foods unless the implement has been washed in hot soapy water.
USDA is not always right, and they may have issued another paper since then, but it's a place to start a discussion.
BTW, which side of the debate are you on? And why?
Heyhonono1 April 30, 2020
Hi Nancy! Thank you for your reply. I am on the side of never using the utensil your using to cook the meat with on any other food items. My husband is on the other side. I usually do all the cooking and am very cautious to not cross contaminate and keep everything sanitized (I have had salmonella poisoning before and don't want to make a return visit), he is under the "heat kills everything anyway" umbrella.
Nancy April 30, 2020
Well, Heyhononono1, I'm on your side of the debate but will be interested to see other responses as they come in.
Meanwhile maybe engage your husband in a Pascal's wager discussion. (Pascal didnt believe in God, but lived his life as if he did....figuring if there was no God he wouldn't lose much, but if there were One and he acted impious, he'd be in big trouble when he died.) So he wagered he was in better shape if he at least acted as if he believed
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