Yeast amount and freezing details

Can we get clarification on the yeast amount (seems light) as well as the question about freezing the dough. If we can freeze, which point is optimal to do so?

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Seventy-Two Hour Pizza Dough
Recipe question for: Seventy-Two Hour Pizza Dough

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AntoniaJames July 27, 2021
I see a number of comments to the recipe about the quantity of yeast called for. 1 gram seems like far too little to me. I'd use 5 grams, given the very long rise time. That won't be too much, and I'd know for sure that I'd get a decent rise.

As for freezing, it's optimal to freeze immediately after the rising time in the fridge. Punch the dough down to release some of the air and to redistribute the yeast, wrap it very tightly, and pop it into the fridge right away. ;o)
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