Ahh what did I do wrong ?? They came out so dey

Even the batter was dry! I even weighed the flour waited 36 hours ! The only thing I can think of is I over mixed the flour but it said to do it in gradually that’s what I did for 10 seconds each time

  • Posted by: Jenna
  • May 13, 2020


Jenna May 13, 2020
I want to try again! I did use grams and first weighed my cup then added that to the 157g and just used tb and tsp didn’t weigh those ... maybe it was just a bad day
HalfPint May 13, 2020
Is there a "tare" button on your scale? Because you can put your cup on the scale, hit "tare" to zero out the weight, then add the flour. Here are the weights for the major ingredients:

bread flour, 262g
cake flour, 212 g
brown sugar, 248g
granulated sugar, 223g
butter, 284g

Good luck! Tell how round 2 went :)
HalfPint May 13, 2020
My theory is that you weighed out too much flour. How did you convert the volume of flour to weight? 1 cup of bread flour is about 157 g or 5.5 oz. If you used 8 oz for 1 cup, that is the conversion for liquid measurement (usually water). With this conversion, you would have used almost double the amount of flour. This would explain the dry dough and eventually the dry cookie.

What often trips people up when converting volume to weight is the difference between solid (dry) ingredients and liquid (wet) ingredients. You cannot use a liquid conversion to get the weight of a solid (dry) ingredient. Because everything has a different density, each ingredients volume will have a different weight even if it's all 1 cup. This is why it is always better to weigh your ingredients, especially in baking.

King Arthur Flour, like many other websites, has an ingredient weight chart: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart

One last thing: for small volume measures like a tablespoon or teaspoon, stick with the volume measure. Most home kitchen scales cannot accurately measure that low.

I love Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookie recipe and it may be worth it to convert Posie's recipe to weight and try it again. Or you can search for this recipe. I'm pretty someone has already converted that recipe.
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