Length of time refrigerated scalloped potatoes are safe to eat?

I made Ina Garten’s caramelized onion & Fennel scalloped potatoes 4 days ago. Refrigerated the Leftovers. Can I still reheat and eat them safely?

Jeannine Doyle


KLS May 13, 2020
unless it smells or sours, I think it will still be good. I have ongoing dialogues with people about how long food is good in the fridge. A coworker discards anything that is 3 days old. I have cooked large quantities of food to last through a work cycle and sometimes have had food at the 2 week mark that is not spoiled and is still edible. I will also freeze things to get more life out of them.
Nancy May 13, 2020
Probably the fifth day is your last chance to use these safely.
See attached. Enjoy.
Nikoleta987 May 13, 2020
Hi! I suppose it is 3 days because of the butter and milk
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