Anyone know a less hateful method of peeling cippoline onions than small end cuts and clumsy wasteful brute force??



Summer O. April 4, 2011
How funny! I just posted the same question prior to reading the past ones!
Nora April 4, 2011
Do I dare post this? I saw a bag of them, already prepared in the market today. Didn't buy, but could be tempted.
Panfusine April 4, 2011
I find that peeling the papery skin off after dunking them in water helps.. & i 'scoop the pointer tip off using the end a grapefruit segmenting tool.
Chef J. April 4, 2011
blanch them for 10 seconds in rapidly boiling water. this soften the skins and make them much easier to remove, though it works even better if you trim the root first.
plevee April 4, 2011
A quick dunk - 1-2mins - in boiling water.
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