Learning how to make Italian meals need help

Learning how to cook

Jessica Ross


louisez May 25, 2020
Marcella Hazan's cookbooks are great. Some of her recipes are on this site, as well.
Wendy May 24, 2020
Hi Jessica,

I echo Nancy’s suggestion, go directly to Emikodavies.com and check out her blog and cookbooks. She is based in Florence but has links to experts in other regions if you are interested in a particular area.
Nancy May 23, 2020
What help?
Just starting and need direction?
Already cooking and encountered a specific problem?
If you want to learn from this site, enter "Italian" in search symbol and you"ll find a couple thousand recipes (especially those by Emiko who lives cooks and writes there), maybe a thousand articles.
Do a similar search online for other chefs, teachers, videos, recipes.
Learn a few basic dishes to start, make them over & over until you master them.
Then expand...other techniques, ingredients, regions.
Enjoy your learning.
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