Need help finding lost recipes

I've lost many recipes, and am hoping the community can help me regain them, over time.
First up, cherry pie. The filling was thickened with cornstarch, and had a bit of almond extract. The crust was a cookie-crust, made with butter, sugar, eggs. The top was a lattice, and was brushed with egg and sprinkled with sugar. The crust was what was more distinctive, made the pie.
I'd appreciate any help.



Nancy May 26, 2020
Louisez -
How awful! Whether by electronic or hard copies, you've lost a combination of memories and how-to directions!
Meanwhile, you want to make this cherry pie. Couldn't find a recipe that matches your description, but the three elements - cookie crust, cherry pie filling, lattice top - are out there. Perhaps you could combine them to approximate your old pie.
Further, how to recover and save recipes for futures.
There are many apps out there now (some free, some not) which allow you to save, modify and refer to your recipes. Hope one of these helps.
louisez May 27, 2020
Good news! Our daughter, whose house wasn't damaged by the wildfires, and wanted that cherry pie, remembered the recipe binders I gave her before her wedding. Not all the recipes are there, but the most important, including the pie, are. When I have the time and opportunity, I'll take your advice with what I have left -- apps and backups on the cloud.
Thanks so much for your help!
Nancy May 27, 2020
Louisez - a bit of good news among your (larger) troubles!
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