How long does coconut milk keep?

I opened a can of lite coconut milk about 2 weeks ago, and what I didn't use, I stored in a small mason jar in the fridge. How long will it keep like this? Or is it already past its prime? (I had forgotten all about it) Any suggestions on what to do with 4 oz of coconut milk? (if its still edible)



Brittany M. January 23, 2018
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Rhonda C. September 14, 2017
Thank you for this information. Never thought of the freezing into ice cubes
Panfusine April 5, 2011
it gets rancid within a day, max 2 days, I usually pour the left over milk from the can into a freezer bag & freeze it..never tried freezing it in ice cubes wary of any coconut odor that may emanate & take over the freezer!
MHardison79 April 5, 2011
Thanks! Im pretty skiddish about food spoiling, the better half says I throw most things away way too soon...I had just forgotten this was even in the fridge; its still white, doesnt smell, no mold...maybe because of the mason jar? regardless, not gonna chance it. Will definitely remember the ice cube tray trick next time.
beyondcelery April 5, 2011
I don't use coconut milk that's been opened past 1 week. When I have leftover that I know I won't be using quickly enough, I freeze it in ice cube trays, then pop them out and keep them in a container in the freezer. One or two of these can be added to rice, smoothies, etc. for flavor. It can also be thawed and added to baked goods in place of other liquid. But once the coconut milk is frozen, the fats don't work the same way. Try to avoid using frozen coconut milk in things like curry, custard, or pudding. The creaminess doesn't always happen in the same way and will sometimes cause odd separations in the liquids.
prettyPeas April 5, 2011
I find that coconut milk goes bad quite quickly--within a week. I usually see some pinkish mold forming around the edges. Usually, I freeze it if there is some leftover. Small leftover amounts are good in smoothies (especially mango), coconut custard, or coconut rice.
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