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Canned pigeon peas: beige or green?

I bought a can of pigeon peas -- never had 'em before, but I like every other kind of pea and bean so I thought it'd be worth a try. On the label they're green (and look a lot like green peas) but out of the can, they're more beige than green, and resemble large lentils. Is this right? Or has the pigeon flown the coop? ;-)

asked by pnoeric almost 6 years ago
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Sam is a trusted home cook.

added almost 6 years ago

They can be either...I think it depends on when they were canned and harvested. I've seen cans with a mix of the brown and green. They have an earthy flavor, nothing like a green pea.
IMHO, next time get black-eyed peas; or 'cow peas' (Frozen) to mix with rice for a tasty complete protean. Simmer with garlic, stock, onions. A touch of oil (or bacon fat). And serve over rice with Worcester sauce.

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added almost 6 years ago

Hi Sam, thanks! I love black-eyed peas and your recipe sounds fantastic... thanks for the reply. Sounds like my pigeons are probably fine to eat, too.