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how long can you cure gravlax?

I made gravlax, like over a week ago. I'm afraid to open it up. How long is it good for? Is it bad if it cures for that long? It was expensive salmon...I'm sad to chuck it but things just kept coming between me and it.

asked by monkeymom about 6 years ago
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Amanda Hesser

Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

added about 6 years ago

It might be a little over-cured around the edges, but should be ok inside. Go ahead, open it up! And report back....

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amysarah is a trusted home cook.

added about 6 years ago

After curing, gravlax can be kept in the fridge (well wrapped) for a couple of weeks, so in terms of safety, you should be okay. I usually cure it on the longer side (3-4 days), but have gotten detoured and let it go an extra day or two with no problem. If your pieces are thick, a long-ish cure isn't a bad idea anyway. I'd taste - it may be perfectly fine.

If it tastes over-cured (too sweet/salty, etc.) rinse it well before slicing. I usually like it served simply (sliced thin, dab mustard sauce, maybe a small cuke salad) but if the cure flavor has gotten too pronounced, or the texture too soft, perhaps you can compensate by how you serve it - e.g., on a bagel or black bread sandwich, with cream cheese, thin cuke slices, etc.- to diffuse the cure taste and/or make the texture less noticeable. I'd say an imperfect gravlax is still better than no gravlax ;)

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added about 6 years ago

If you give me your address, I'll be happy to check on it for you. ; )

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added about 6 years ago

Most recipes I've seen call for a couple of days.....and then a week of freezing it (if you used raw salmon) to kill any bacteria.

I'd open it up....take a peek and a whiff and see! Good luck

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added about 6 years ago

So, the good news was that it was definitely safe to eat. The bad news was that it was VERY salty. Even very thinly sliced on latkes with plenty of creme fraiche it was a salt bomb explosion. Good flavor level of the dill, fennel, and pepper though. Oh well, live and learn!

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added about 6 years ago

I cure salmon trout all the time with a salt/sugar/herb cure and find that 48 hours is about all I can take. I always rinse it afterwards quickly and then let it dry, unwrapped, in the fridge for a few days. Without the rinse it's far too salty.

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added about 6 years ago

I used my salty cured salmon in two recipes: a soba noodles dish and ceviche. See http://www.kitchenbutterfly... and http://www.kitchenbutterfly...

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added about 6 years ago

ooo..looks good KB! Thanks for the suggestions!

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