Matcha Powder Substitute? Is there one For this recipe?

Is there a substitute for the powder? If so, what is it?

  • Posted by: LozLee
  • June 4, 2020
Matcha Green Tea Pudding
Recipe question for: Matcha Green Tea Pudding


KLS June 4, 2020
I made it with matcha. It was not very good, would not make it again. On the other hand, I made it with cocoa, it was awesome
creamtea June 4, 2020
One idea: you might be able to scald the cream, add a teabag or perhaps 2 or 2 t. loose green tea if you have it in an empty Melitta teabag and let steep an hour or two. Then proceed with step one of the recipe. You likely won't obtain that lovely green and the flavor may be milder but it may be worth experimenting.
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