What is the best cut of beef to use for fajitas?

Also, any tips for preparing them? The best way? How does everyone else do their fajitas?

  • Posted by: Reen
  • April 6, 2011


Michael March 26, 2016
No it isn't
ImportedTexan October 15, 2013
Pierino, it sounds like you have a Nickelodeon view of an entire state. Probably should stop listening to MSNBC and try meeting some of us.
pierino October 15, 2013
Imported Texan, nothing would make me happier than to see Texas become its own Republic again. Now you are inflicting not just fajitas on us but Ted Cruz. Arguments about barbecue will go on in what i hope is a healthy and instructive way---it's a topic that I relish because I love the flavor of smoke on meat. I'll tell you what, it's better in the Carolinas not to mention KC.
pierino April 6, 2011
Texas? Been there. Including El Paso, how freaky is that? Problem: too many dubyas'


not to mention the invention of fajitas and fajita as a baby name.

We'll throw some points back Texas way for home boys Nolan Ryan and Kinky Friedman but can't think of much else that redeems the state..
SKK April 6, 2011
My daughter lives in San Antonio, pierino, and her name is not Fajita. She is also a great cook. i highly recommend you visit San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock, Bastrop, the Hill Country...there are some beautiful, amazing places in Texas. Downtown Ft. Worth is wonderful. Can't tell a country by its airport!
aargersi April 6, 2011
Well, it's a BIG state, there is a lot more to us than the shrub and one airport. I happen to really love this state, it's people and places and the amazing variety and diversity in everything that is has to offer.
pierino April 6, 2011

Add in too many trips through DFW.
aargersi April 6, 2011
Hey Pierino what put the Anti Texas bug up your butt? That's the second Texas slam in 2 days!
pierino April 6, 2011
Fajitas are again,something that have been inflicted on us by Texans (among many ailments for which there is no known cure). I think in the San Antone area they actually name their daughters Fajita
jenmmcd April 6, 2011
I love flank but either will work. For the most amazing beef fajitas you'll ever have, try Adam Perry Lang's recipe:


In addition to a great marinade, he uses the most amazing technique of making a flavored "resting butter" that you dip the steak in halfway through cooking then you put more on the board while you cut it so the butter and flavor are in every bite. It's a lot of work and definitly not low fat, but it's truly awesome.

But whatever you do, you want your grill hot (500+) and just 3-5 mins per side.
Cupcake921 April 6, 2011
You can use any cut of beef, provided it can be sliced thin enough to stuff into the fajita. Fajitas are a great way to use up left over steak from last night's dinner! I also recommend a skirt steak, as it has an ample amount of fat and will grill up nice and juicy. For an even more healthier option, I would suggest you go with a leaner cut of beef, such as a flank steak. The flank steak is a leaner but consequently tougher cut of meat. Be careful as to not overcook, or it will dry out. To compensate for this tougher cut, be sure to cut the flank against the grain. It really does make a difference and will make for mouth watering juicy fajitas. Hope this helps!
betteirene April 6, 2011
Skirt steak. If you can get it from a Mexican grocery or butcher, all the better, because they'll ask if you want it tenderized, and they'll run it through the machine for you at no charge.

Heat up your grill (preferably a charcoal kettle). Half an hour or 20 minutes before the coals are ready, place the tenderized steak into a marinade that contains some kind of sugar--brown sugar, corn syrup, honey, granulated sugar. The sugar allows you to cook the steak quickly and to get nice grill marks/char and still be pinkish-red in the middle.

I make margaritas from scratch, but I use Cuervo margarita mix for marinating skirt steaks, boneless skinless chicken breasts and thin chops. I doctor it up with garlic and adobo seasoning, sometimes with chili powder and cumin.
bexcahlik April 6, 2011
We use skirt steak. We marinate it in italian dressing and fajita seasoning overnight and then grill it.
nannydeb April 6, 2011
Skirt steak was originally fajita meat, but now lots of meats are called fajitas. Skirt steak is a tough cut of meat and needs to be trimmed and tenderized before you marinate and grill.
duclosbe1 April 6, 2011
I like flank steak--it's cheap, and if you marinate it with lime juice for enough time (12-24 hours) it tenderizes a lot. And it cooks quick, too!
aargersi April 6, 2011
we use skirt, but flank steak works well too - don't forget chicken and shrimp options too!!!
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